Funeral of Bob Baker


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    Joy Phillips says:

    Thank you for sharing the message from Bob Baker’s funeral.
    We knew him many years ago in Coventry and appreciate being able to listen to the memories of him.

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    Diane Faulkner says:

    Thank you for sharing Bobs funeral service with us.
    As a teenager Bob was my/our Youth Leader here in Coventry, although that was over 40 years ago, Bob remains a dear, significant person in my memories. As mentioned in the service, Bob was always reliable and fun. He tolerated a lot of jokes and mischief from the youth, with good humour and gentleness. I was often a straggler on the Youth Hosteling long rambles, with Hillfields Church Youth. Bob was always the one to linger behind to make sure everybody was okay .I remember his kindness, humbleness, fun, humour, encouragement and gentle spirit, an example to us as youngsters. Though often a quiet unassuming man, he stands out as one of the best in my 60 year old memory bank.
    My love is sent to Sandra and the family. x

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