United Christmas Services (in St Andrew’s)

Please read the important COVID safety notes at the foot of this page before booking & attending. Initially, you are asked only to book into one of these 3 services. 

Christmas Eve 3.30 pm – All Age Service   Ring 01782- 619594 if you’d like to come – there a 3 returns that have just become available
Children are invited to come as a nativity character (though they will be remaining with their household group). If the weather’s fine the service will hopefully conclude by going outside to sing together, O Little town of Bethlehem

Christmas Eve 11.30 pm Communion   Booking link here

Christmas Day 10 am – All Age service With optional Communion afterwards    Booking link here

If you need to cancel, or for help with booking please ring Margaret Hollins on 01782 612009. If the booking links indicate that we are full and you would like to go on a reserve list please contact her too on m_hollins@yahoo.co.uk

COVID Safety

We have the benefit of a very large building; with 2m separation between households and approriate cleaning regimes in place. Nonetheless there is still some risk attached to attending services. Those over 70 or otherwise COVID-vulnerable are especially advised by the govenment to consider carefully whether or not to attend this kind of activity outside of their own home

Face coverings are now legally required for all members of the congregation at both services, albeit with exemptions for  children under the age of 11 & others with  with health or disabilities issues that prevent mask wearing (details here) Please put your face covering on before you arrive, keep it on during the service, and remove it using the ear loops when you have left.

Your responsibilities…
Before you arrive
If you, or anyone else in your household have any symptoms which could possibly signal the beginnings COVID-19, you must stay at home. These symptoms are:
 a high temperature – this means you feel hot to touch on your chest or back (you do not need to measure your temperature)
 a new, continuous cough – this means coughing a lot for more than an hour, or 3 or more coughing episodes in 24 hours (if you usually have a cough, it may be worse than usual)
 a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste – this means you’ve noticed you cannot smell or taste anything, or things smell or taste different to normal As well as staying at home (self-isolating) you should also ring 111 for advice and to arrange a test. To protect others, you must not go to places like a GP surgery, pharmacy or hospital if you have any of these symptoms. There is also a warm encouragement to ring the vicar for prayer or practical support.
 Please wash your hands thoroughly before leaving home
 We have been advised to take all printed material out of use, but you are welcome to bring your own bible
 The government ask us to pass on that they continue to advise against sharing a car with members of a different household for non-essential journeys; Because of this advice we regretfully are not operating our usual dial-a-lift system
 Please don’t arrive any more than15 mins before the service starts
 A steward wearing a visor may be outside to greet you
 It may at times be necessary to queue 2m apart outside on entry to church
 There will be 2 hand sanitizer stations near to the entrance, which each person is required to use as they arrive
 Where you can sit is indicated by presence of service leaflet. Where there are several leaflets in the same place this is to indicate that it’s a good place for households to sit together. Alternatively when a long pew still contains 2 separate leaflets, couples or larger households are welcome to sit by one of the leaflets. taking the leaflet at the other end of pew to use as well – which will helpfully prevent anyone else from sitting on the pew and being too close to you.
 Please follow any additional directions from the steward on duty as to where to sit so that safe distancing can be adhered to. In general we’d prefer people to fill up from the front first of all so that it is not too difficult for any arriving later to find a seat
 Once you’ve sat down, please don’t move to another pew, as the area where you had sat has been contaminated by you, and someone looking for a seat may not be aware of this
During the service
 Toilets are available for ‘emergency use’
 Once you have sat down, please remain in that seat until the service has finished.
 You may bring your own Bible if you wish (there will be none provided)
 We will not be singing but there will be some music played during the service.
 If you wish to make a donation a plate will be available at the back of church to put this into. The collection plate will not be passed round during the service. Cheques (payable to ‘St Andrews PCC Westlands’) are very much preferred, though cash is acceptable too.
 You will be asked to leave fairly promptly at the end of the service, maintaining 2m distancing.
 You are advised to sanitise your hands as you leave
 If you are using a single-use mask, the safest practice is to keep it until you get home (and then dispose of it carefully and wash your hands) However it is also allowable to dispose of it in the pedal bin provided just before you reach one of the hand sanitising stations
After the service
 There will be no refreshments
 The government strongly advise you to wash your hands when you get home
 If you develop COVID-19 symptoms, then contact NHS 111 for advice.