Welcome to the website of St Andrew's Westlands-  with a very warm invitation to join us for worship or for any of our activities. If you are new to the area or want to learn more about what our church offers then there is a "Welcome Pack" available. Just get in touch  via the Contact Us page and we will provide you with one. Our Facebook page can be worth visityng too.

We are situated in the suburban area of the Westlands in Newcastle under Lyme, Staffordshire, UK- our church & hall are on the north  side of the square at the centre of the Westlands (on Pilkington Avenue ST5 3RE).  A map of how to find us is here

 Most people who are wanting to know more just drop in at one of our regular worship services. We also regularly run a 7-week enquirers' course called Identity

We are a Church of England parish church, part of the diocese of Lichfeld.

Worship in St Andrew's building

8.30 am 
Safer service, with generally only 12-25 present present, no singing, and mask-wearing expected in the all of the right hand half of the main church worship space

10.45 am, including Sunday Club for 3-11's
Apart from ensuring extra ventilation,  for most people this service is close to being back to normal, and we enjoy singing together and refreshments afterwards (Although the far right aisle - the south transept-  is reserved for those  wearing  face coverings, in order to give people the option of sitting in an area where everybody else should be masked)

6.30 pm
From Easter Sunday till the autumn, this takes place in church.  It includes singing, and maskwearing is no longer required, However with typically about 12-20 people attending, it should easily be possible, if neeeded, to keep good distancing from others. In addition, we will also ensure that there is extra ventilation.

In addition we envisage continuing with online services for quite a while, and our online services are available on our Youtube channel


(1) Funerals, Weddings & Baptisms -  Do contact the vicar on 01782 619594 for more details (It will be up to the families to decide what level of COVID precautions, if any, they would like to remain in place)

(2) As well as issuing weekly worship videos, we also have a full programme of gatherings (some on zoom) for prayer, worship, bible study, and quiz.

(3) Naomi Savage, our Children and Families worker, continues to lead the team in providing a variety of activities to help children and families connect together and with God. You can keep updated on our  facebook page for young families we have contact with, or you can email her at naomi.westlands@gmail.com

If you have been accessing our worship videos for adults or children, or simply looking at our website or facebook page, welcome! Perhaps you find church on line easier to try out than a physical building, perhaps these extraordinary times have triggered something spiritually inside you, perhaps you would appreciate linking with a Christian community. We'd love to get to know you a bit too, or to answer any questions, so there's a warm invitation to get in touch  (Andrew Dawswell,  vicar on ja.dawswell@googlemail.com  or 01782 619594 ).