Chris Gill

I was born in to a “church going” family and my Christian life has been a journey, nurtured by good Christian witnesses who encouraged me in my walk with God, not least in my late teens when I was first invited to a bible study group.  That was just one of the many significant “steps” in coming to faith on my Christian journey, and was closely followed by an encouragement to be involved in Christian service to others and at 18 I was leading my first group for young people aged 11-14

We moved to the Westlands in 1988 and it was a great joy to find a church which has developed my understanding of scripture, both through the preaching and the bible studies on offer, and has helped my faith grow. Within a year I was back working with young people, helping to lead “Sunday Group”, as it was at the time. Many years on I still help with the Xcite group and want to encourage young and old in their walk with God, hence some of my other roles in Church.

At heart I am really an administrator (somebody has to be) and there is nothing I love better than providing administrative support to those who are on the front line of Christian Ministry, bringing people closer to Jesus as Lord and Saviour