Margaret Hollins

I was elected as a churchwarden in May 2021, having served as PCC Secretary for six years.
I have been married to Mike, a local GP (now retired) for 48 years, and we have two sons. I worked
in various administrative roles at Keele University for 35 years. In the early 2000s, I was a member
of the small team that set up the new Medical School at Keele, which was a fantastic experience, and
I went on to be the Director of Business & Finance for the School of Medicine until my retirement in
October 2019.
As the daughter of an Anglican vicar, I was brought up to attend church and for 4 years I went to a
Woodard Foundation (Church of England) boarding school. I have always been a churchgoer, I
enjoy singing in the choir and participating in many church activities. We have made quite a lot of
friends at St. Andrew’s, and enjoy the weekly worship.