Rev Andrew Dawswell

Although originally from North London, I’ve enjoyed living in North Staffordshire since 1999. After several years as a vicar in the Biddulph area, I moved to the Westlands in 2011 to join St Andrews – along with my wife Kathryn and 3 sons.
There’s a verse in the bible in the first letter of Timothy chapter 3 verse 15 which I’m fond, of which includes 3 concise phrases describing a Church congregation as

  • ‘the household of God’ – pointing to how the church is meant to operate a bit like an extended family
  • ‘the church of the living God’ – because we believe that our God is real
  • ‘a pillar and buttress of the truth.’ – seeking to learn and to share the truth of God’s word to us as we open the bible together week by week

It’s great that these 3 dimensions to church life have been evident at St Andrew’s for many years. It’s my vision to help the church grow in all 3 of them while I’m here.